Stock Stamps
True-Sharp® Steel Hand Stamps (Letters & Figures)
Longer Lasting - Hammer Tough

Four factors produce the long life you can expect in these marking tools:

            1. Sossner's TRUE-SHARP® hardening process
            2. The finest grade of alloyed tool steel
            3. Precision engraving
            4. Precise machining

Sossner hand stamps have the long lasting cutting edge that bites deep and sharp with each impression. Your stamps are designed to stand up under incessant pounding. Ideal for your critical jobs.

Type Holder (Model 110A) SOSSNER 2-in-1 "Time Saver"


You get the holder and TWO interchangeable shanks for the price of one.

  • (To change shank, knock out roll pin). NO TOOLS NEEDED!
    Shal-O-GrooveTM type is locked into position by 1/2 turn of the Cam Lever. INSTANT LOCK! INSTANT RELEASE!
  • The precalculated radius of the Shal-O-Groove type is engineered to fit the Cam Locking Bar -- with no loss of strength. Sossner's Shal-O-Groove 2-in-1 "Time Saver" type holder is designed with a hardened steel bottom plate which ensures uniform depth and sharply defined impressions.
  • Type holding slot 1-1/2" x 3/4" deep
  • Holds up to 12 pieces of 1/8" steel type; 24 pieces of 1/16" type
  • Holding head and shanks machined from solid steel
  • Change shanks in only a few seconds
  • Press shank diameter 1", or available to your specifications

Type "Shal-O-Groove" STEEL TYPE (Letters, Numerals, Spacers)

For use in Sossner 2-in-1 "Time Saver" Type Holder and other standard type holders

Type sizes from 1/32" to 1/4"
Note: No force transmitted through the groove as on our competitor's type. "Shal-O-Groove type for easy locking and removal

Dimension (a) of Sossner Hy Carbon Steel Type shown here is always the same as the height of the character impression, viz: 1/16" high characters are made from 1/16 wide blanks, etc. Thus, 16 pieces of 1/16" type require a space 1" wide. (M's and W's on wider typeface can be furnished to specifications.

CUSTOM STEEL TYPE: When several lines are to be stamped with one setup, and there is a limited marking area, body dimensions of the type can be machined to fit the legend within the area.

EMBOSSING TYPE OR DIES: For identification or decorating we supply male and female type or dies to order. These are precision made to exacting standards and delivered quickly.